Station Drills for High School Girls' Basketball Tryouts


Basketball coaches run tryouts to determine who will make the team. During these tryouts it is best to run a variety of drills so you can see a player's ability in each skill area. Running these drills as stations enables you to keep players involved so that they are always active and not standing around.

On the Ball

The on the ball defensive drill, also known as the zig zag drill, forces players to guard the ball individually showing defensive quickness, and it gives the coach a look at the other participant's ball handling skills. In a standard on the ball drill, the offensive ball handler does not try to beat the defender, but tries to get past the defender in the designated space. This space can be as small as the width of the lane or as big as half of the side of the court. The defender should try to make the ball handler turn as much as possible and stay in front of the dribbler at all times.


A shooting station drill should encompass a variety of shots that would be taken during the course of a game. Use a coach as a passer and have the players work on shooting from a spot with a catch and shoot as well as shooting off of a screen. After players get several repetitions of each, incorporate shooting off the dribble to look at who can create a shot and how long it takes players to get their shot off.

McHale Drill

According to Breakthrough Basketball, the McHale drill stresses leaping, rebounding and change of direction. Start by having the player under the basket and explode up for a layup by jumping as high as possible. Then have the player make a cut to the opposite elbow and slide down the lane to the block, catch a pass, and again explode up for a layup. This gives coaches a look at player's leaping ability from standing and running positions in game situations.

One on One

A one-on-one station is simply to give coaches an idea of a player's ability in individual, isolation-type situations. Breakthrough Basketball suggests making the drill run more smoothly by limiting the number of dribbles a player takes to three or four and by keeping score of the results. You should make sure that all players have an equal number of chances on offense and defense so that you can evaluate each girl's skills fairly.