Archery Drills

Hit the target

Archery drills are designed to improve your accuracy and ability to shoot arrows in a straight and consistent manner. In addition to accuracy, archery drills will also help you improve your form and mechanics while shooting. Archery drills range from aiming drills to bow hand check drills.

Aiming Drill

This aiming drill will help improve your accuracy and precision on the archery range. Draw your bow, standing 20 feet away from the mark, and aim directly at the X on the target. Once the bow is aimed directly at the X, hold your aim for as long as you can. Instead of releasing the bow, bring the bow down and relax. Repeat this three times. Once you feel comfortable, move an additional 5 feet away from the mark and repeat.

Pipping the Ace Drill

This drill is designed to improve accuracy and precision in your shot. Tack an ace playing card on a target. From here, step 10 yards away from the target and draw your bow. Shoot toward the card, attempting to hit the suit displayed in the middle of the card. From here, count the number of times it takes you to hit that mark on the card. As you improve, step farther and farther away from the target.

Bow Hand Check Drill

This bow hand check drill is designed to improve your consistency with respect to your bow hand position. Place a small piece of tape on the bow handle, just above where you normally place your hand. From here, place your hand in its normal position. Place an additional piece of tape on your hand, right next to the piece of tape that is on the handle. Shoot a round of six arrows, checking each time to ensure the tape on your hand and the tape on the bow match up.

Mirror Exercise Drill

The mirror exercise is designed to improve your muscle memory while improving your form. In addition, the exercise can be performed with or without an arrow in the bow. Stand in front of a mirror at a 45-degree angle. From here, draw your bow back, checking your mirror in the form by shifting your eyes directly towards the mirror without moving your head. After checking your form, relax, repeating the exercise 10 times before stopping.