How to Adjust the Laces on a Baseball Glove

Nothing says summer like the the satisfying smack of leather against leather when you catch a baseball in your glove. There's a kind of magic in getting out your old, broken-in glove for the first practice of the season -- like catching up with an old friend. Like friendships, though, baseball gloves require maintenance. The laces can stretch and loosen, requiring you to tighten them. If you've grown since you last used the glove, the laces might need to be loosened a bit. Former Little League coach Jackey Bradbury says it's a quick, easy fix to help ensure the best fit.

Tightening the Laces

  1. Untie the knot in the laces.

  2. Grasp the first section of laces -- where they cross like an X -- at the opposite end of where they tie. Pull them gently to tighten them.

  3. Grasp the section of laces just below the first one and pull them gently to tighten them.

  4. Repeat the process until you've tightened each section.

  5. Retie the laces and place the glove on your hand. If it fits, you're done. If it needs to be tightened more, repeat the steps until the glove fits just right.

Loosening the Laces

  1. Untie the knot in the laces.

  2. Pull the laces just above where they were tied, loosening them slightly.

  3. Move up to the next section of laces and pull them to loosen them.

  4. Repeat the process until the laces have been loosened all the way up.

  5. Retie the laces and try the glove on. If it's too loose, tighten the laces.


    Check your laces periodically to make sure they're tied tightly.

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