Would an Elliptical Machine Make Your Butt Bigger?


Elliptical machines cause little impact on the body during workouts. This makes them good options if you are trying to preserve the functionality of your joints. The butt, known as the glutes in anatomical terms, is often the focal point when it comes to exercise. Gliding on an elliptical machine has an affect on your glutes, but size is not an issue.

Function of the Elliptical

Cardiovascular exercise is performed in a repetitive, rhythmic motion for an extended period of time. Elliptical training is a form of cardio that does require you to engage your glutes. However, because this is done for an extended period of time with limited resistance, it does not cause your butt to become bigger. In fact, it will reduce the size of your butt.

Exercising Motion

Elliptical machines have pedals that move back and forth in an oval motion with your feet planted on them. The backward motion of the thighs is called hip extension, and this is what causes you to work your glutes. Although you will not make them bigger, you will give them a more toned appearance. You will also increase your muscular endurance. This is the ability to do numerous contractions spread over a long time frame.

Time Frame with Training

The amount of time your devote to elliptical training will have an affect on your butt size. The Centers for Disease Control recommends 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity performed five days a week for the best weight loss results. If you stay withing these guidelines, you will achieve adequate results. Interval training is another option. This is performed by alternating back and forth from high to low intensity and it causes you to lose weight at a faster pace. The goal is to follow a one to two ratio of work to rest. for example, glide fast for 30 seconds and slow for 60.

Muscle Gain and Metabolism

Certain elliptical machines come equipped with hand-held poles. Using these types of machines causes you to work multiple muscles through your upper and lower body. Even though this does not make your butt big, it still causes a slight gain in muscle. When you add even a small amount of muscle to your body, your resting metabolic rate goes up. This further prevents you from building a big butt on the elliptical machine.

Tips for Making Your Butt Bigger

If you do in fact want a bigger butt, cardio is not the best option. Instead, focus on weight-training exercises. Perform exercises that involve hip extension like squats, lunges, leg presses, deadlifts and stepups. Use heavy resistance with all of your exercises to increase the taxation on your glutes.