How to Forcefully Pitch a Kickball

An orange kickball lays on a green grassy lawn

It's no longer just a game for children. While kickball may remain a staple of elementary school gym class and recess, many adults remember the joy they had playing this simple game and have formed leagues. Pitching the kickball can be something of an art. When leagues get competitive -- and they almost always do -- pitchers are looking for an edge they can get on the "batter." Many do this by increasing the velocity.

Place your hand directly underneath the ball to get top speed on your pitch. Bring your arm back to shoulder height in your backswing. Drive the ball forward with a hard push and release the ball when your arm has crossed your drive leg. If you are right-handed, this is your left leg. If you are left-handed, this is your right leg.

Snap your wrist at the moment you release the ball. This will create maximum speed when you let go of the ball. You will also create a spring that will cause the ball to pick up momentum with each bounce it takes on the way to home plate.

Raise your pitching arm high after releasing the ball. This is your follow-through, and it will help you get the most velocity you can. If you stop your motion shortly after releasing, you won't get full velocity from your pitch.

Push hard off the pitching strip when you let the ball go. In most cases, the pitching strip will be raised off the ground, and you can plant your leg on the top inside part of it to get a harder push and more velocity on the ball.