Parts of a Sears DP Airgometer Exercise Bike

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The DP Airgometer exercise bike is an upright bike with both moving pedals and moving handles. You can either let your arms dangle by your sides and just pedal, let your feet rest on the frame and just use your arms or do both simultaneously. Therefore, the bike is capable of both an upper-body workout and a lower-body workout. This bike was originally made by Diversified Products and sold through Sears, but it is no longer being manufactured. Sears still sells most of the parts for those who need to repair their bike. The bike has several major parts -- the handles, pedals, belt, wheel, base frame and console. Each of these is made up of smaller parts, totaling 128 parts, including screws, nuts and washers.

General Shape

The bike has one wheel, which rests below the handles. This wheel is surrounded by two pieces of metal, one on each side, that look similar to a fan cover. The wheel is attached to the belt that runs to the pedals, similar to a bike chain. This is covered by a plastic cover on both sides. The pedals come out of the plastic cover on each side. From the pedals, there is a metal tube that hinges in the middle at a 90-degree angle and becomes the handles, which move back and forth. The seat of the bike rests on an adjustable metal tube coming out of the back of the plastic cover, just behind the pedals. The entire bike rests on a metal base frame, which sits on the floor.

Handles and Pedals

There are two handles made up of three parts -- the handle, grip and bushing. These three parts slip together. The handles are then attached with pins to another straight piece of metal frame. This piece of frame has a hole on it that slides onto the axle of the pedal, with a small washer on either side. The pedal then slides on to the pedal axle and screws in. This is the same on both sides.

The Belt and the Wheel

The wheel has two cover pieces, one on each side, that screw together to protect the wheel. Attached to the wheel is a belt that travels down to the axle of the pedals. The belt is covered by a plastic cover screwed together on each side.

The Frame and the Console

The frame is made up of tubes attached together with nuts. At the back, there is a foot bar, with two caps that go on either side to keep the metal from tearing something. Underneath the foot bar, there are non-slip pads to keep the bike from sliding. This is attached to two connecting frame pieces, one left and one right, by nuts. These travel up to the front of the bike and attach to another foot bar piece, which also has caps on both ends. From the right and left connecting frame pieces, two frame pieces come up on either side of the wheel, with a crosspiece attaching them at the top of the wheel. On this rests, the console, which is made up of a bottom piece, the battery pack and the top piece. These pieces are screwed together and screwed into the crosspiece of the wheel frame. Two foot rests screw into the wheel frame, one on either side, with a slip-on pad for the feet. A frame piece comes up from the pedals. The bike seat screws onto this piece.