The Best Times for Crossfit Workouts

The Best Times for Crossfit Workouts

CrossFit workouts are constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. This workout program has been adopted by elite athletes, military personnel and emergency response personnel from around the world. By designing the workouts with a broad, general and inclusive point of view, the list of CrossFit workouts is nearly endless in possibilities.


CrossFit workouts are also called the WOD for “workout of the day.” CrossFit gyms post a new WOD for every day. Each workout is scored with a specific technique, including rounds completed, time or weight lifted. Benchmark workouts are the most common workouts used to determine best times, and include named WODs such as the "Girls" or "Heroes." These benchmark workouts make the best times for CrossFit workouts universal among every CrossFit gym around the world.

Personal Records

Every CrossFit athlete has a personal record, or best time, for most CrossFit workouts. The personal records commonly focus on the benchmark workouts and are used to track and measure overall performance and improvements. As a result, CrossFit athletes try to set personal records for specific workouts by setting the best times. For example, your previous personal record might be 18 rounds of "Cindy" but, then you try to get a best time, or personal record, by breaking 20 rounds on your next attempt.

Games Athletes

CrossFit athletes in the CrossFit Games are competing to be crowned “Fittest man, and woman, on Earth.” As a result, these CrossFitters typically hold the all-time best times for most CrossFit workouts. For example, Joshua Bridges from La Mesa, California, has a "Fran" time of 2:04, while there are numerous other Games competitors around 2:10 to 2:20. Similarly, Rob Orlando from Monroe, Connecticut, has a deadlift of 593 lbs. with other top CrossFitters turning in a deadlift around 550 lbs.

Tracking Workouts

CrossFit athletes use various resources to record and track their workout history. The resources include an online workout log or daily WOD planner. The online workout logs allow you to compare your best times with other top athletes from around the world. Any logging resource tracks your workouts and any workout specifics for future reference.