The Best Baseball Workout Routine

Baseball Player Sliding Into Base

The best baseball players aren’t always the players with the most talent. Sometimes, they are the players who are dedicated to their training program. A baseball training program must include sport-specific exercises blended together to improve overall performance. The best baseball workout routine is broken down into several phases spread throughout the year, individualized exercises and workouts that train each aspect of the sport.


The baseball season only lasts a few months, but the best workout routine includes several phases throughout the year. Each phase has a specific goal and focus for improving performance during the playing season. The first phase occurs for four to eight weeks during the off-season and is designed to build foundational strength. The second phase progresses to building maximal strength for six weeks during the pre-season phase. The third phase incorporates power training for four weeks leading into the season. The final phase is maintenance and occurs during the playing season.

Strength Training

Strength training sessions are an essential component of the best baseball workout routine. The exercises should be performed using free weights such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells to maximize range of motion and to maintain your upper body strength. Strength training workouts should take place about two to three days per week, with no workouts on game days. The best strength training exercises for baseball players include total body functional movements such as squats, lunges, dumbbell rows, pushups, pullups and core exercises. Compound exercises will help your body to move as a cohesive unit.


Another essential component to the best baseball workout routine is speed exercises that train speed, agility, footwork and quickness. Speed training and conditioning exercises are a specific focus during the off-season and pre-season training phases. The best exercises include plyometrics such as lateral jumps and box jumps along with agility exercises using footwork ladders or marking cones.


The best workout routine for a professional baseball player doesn’t always mean it’s the best workout routine for a youth player. Players have a wide range of ability levels, resulting in the best workout routine being designed around each individual player. The position of each players also affects the design of the best program. For example, a youth pitcher has a different routine than a college outfielder.