How to Make a Skateboard Faster

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Making a skateboard faster requires only a few tips and tricks and is not nearly as difficult as one would think. With some regular maintenance and a little bit of know-how, just a few adjustments can promote your board’s longevity as well as making it more streamlined and fast.

Replace your bearings with a ratchet tool. Bearings are rated with a code called an ABEC, which stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. Different bearing sizes are designed for different purposes. A bearing with an ABEC code of three will be fairly slow, and the higher the rating, the faster the board. An ABEC of seven is perfect for a fast skateboard.

Check your trucks to see if they are in usable condition. While skateboard trucks do not relate to speed, a rusty truck can cause the mechanics in a skateboard to run improperly. If they are old and worn, replace them.

Replace smaller wheels with larger wheels. Larger wheels will make the skateboard faster. Longboards can have wheels up to 70mm, but for a regular skateboard, try a wheel of 58mm or so for speed.

Clean and lubricate all moving parts of the skateboard. If you’ve replaced the bearings, trucks and wheels and still have a slow-moving board, it may just need a little lubricant, such as WD-40, to make it faster.


When purchasing bearings, you may want to opt for ceramic bearings. While they are more expensive, they have a much longer life than steel bearings and generally do not need replacing.


Don't hesitate to take your board to a skate shop for help if you have trouble reassembling it. Safety is always a priority.