How to Clean a Ping Pong Table

Table tennis with racket and ball

Ping-Pong, a common name for table tennis (and the trademark of the game's best-known manufacturer) has been a popular leisure activity since the late 1800s. Although the game has seen several variations, its current incarnation developed with the creation of the International Table Tennis Federation in the 1920s. Many enthusiasts keep tables in their basements, garages, or outdoor living spaces. It’s important to keep your pingpong table clean and properly maintained in order to experience the most successful play.

Wipe down the table with a soft, dry cloth after each use. This regular maintenance will keep the table clean and free of debris under most circumstances.

Create a nonabrasive, non-toxic cleaner with which to perform a more in-depth cleaning once every two to three months. Mix two to three cups of water in a bowl with one-third cup of white vinegar. Dip a soft cloth in the vinegar-water solution and wring it out until it is damp to the touch.

Remove the net from the table by unscrewing it. Place the net to one side, then use the damp cloth to wipe down the table top. Dry the table using a second, dry soft cloth.

Soak the net in the vinegar-water solution for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the net from the solution and lie it out flat on a protected surface to dry.

Re-install the net once it has completely dried. You might also want to oil any moving metal parts of the table with WD-40 lubricant to complete your regular maintenance.


Instead of making a cleanser with vinegar and water, you can purchase a special cleanser meant to be used with pingpong tables. Cleaners created specifically to clean pingpong tables are easiest to find online or at specialty retailers.


Pingpong tables are generally made of wood. For the best results, do not over-saturate your cleaning cloth with water before wiping down the table surface. Avoid using abrasive or bleach-based cleansers.