Difference Between the Perfect Pushup V2 & the Original Perfect Pushup

Woman doing push-ups in park on green grass.

Whether the Perfect Pushup is actually perfect or not is up for debate, but it does seem to accomplish its goal — that is, to increase muscle engagement by offering a greater range of motion than a regular push-up while potentially decreasing stress on your joints.

Though the product has seen a few iterations from its manufacturers at Perfect Fitness over the years, it hasn't been iterated as much as, for instance, the common smartphone. Rather than yearly upgrades, there are two versions — the Perfect Pushup and Perfect Pushup Elite — as of 2016. They both look similar and share the same functionality and goals, but they differ just a bit in terms of build quality.

The Original Perfect Pushup

The original Perfect Pushup, still available as an entry-priced push-up accessory as of late 2016, looks like two push-up handles mounted on rotating discs. You grip the handles and rotate your hands and arms 90-degrees as you exercise, adding a sort of slow, punch-like motion to your push-up. According to Navy SEAL and Perfect Pushup creator Alden Mills, allowing the wrist to rotate as its muscles contract helps reduce the risk of wrist injury.

Push-up bars (or handles), a smart phone with earbuds and a water bottle on a light wood floor. Equipment ready for exercise.

The Perfect Pushup aims to minimize joint stress and enhance muscle engagement.

Also known as the Perfect Pushup Basic, the standard model features Perfect Fitness' patented rotating handles — the fitness accessory's core feature — with a no-frills design. The handles are not padded, and together they support up to 300 pounds of weight.

The Basic model clocks in at about two-thirds of the price of the Elite version and offers a more compact form factor, weighing 1.08 pounds per handle and clocking in at 6.75 inches in length and width.

Perfect Pushup Elite

If you're shopping around, you might see the upgraded version of the Perfect Pushup referred to as the V2 or Pro, but its official name is the Perfect Pushup Elite. Name aside, this one still relies on the same patented rotating mechanism as its predecessor.

Right off the bat, you'll notice that the Elite model looks a little different than the Basic, due to the addition of padded handles, a "V2" stamp on the side and what Perfect Fitness calls "off-road inspired" construction. It's a little beefier than the original, weighing in at 2 pounds per handle and measuring 8 inches wide and long. That beefiness pays off, though, as the Elite ups the weight limit to 400 total pounds.

The Verdict

Just like the original model, the Elite squarely targets the arms, chest and core. With this product, it's all about the added rotation, and you'll be getting that with either iteration. And as an added perk, both versions include digital copies of 2-minute drills inspired by Navy SEAL workouts.

While the Perfect Pushup Basic will suit most push-uppers just fine, the more expensive Elite model appeals to hardcore fitness buffs. For more money, it offers increased durability, while its larger weight limit allows for the use of heavy weighted vests for experienced exercisers.

Of course, no product verdict is complete with the voice of consumers. If you've used either version of the Perfect Pushup, let everyone know your thoughts in the comments below. Does your rotating push-up game leave something to be desired, or does it approach that promise of perfection?