Can an Elliptical Help Your Booty?

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The "booty" is composed of the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus muscles. Using an elliptical to develop the muscles of the backside can help improve your self-esteem when you slip into tight fitting clothing. An elliptical is a low-impact exercise machine that provides a full body workout. When certain variables are taken into consideration, the elliptical can have a positive effect on your booty.

Function of the Glutes

The glutes function to extend the hips. You perform this action every time you move your thighs backward. When you do this motion numerous times throughout a workout, you're consistently working your glutes. This will not make your booty large, but it will give it a rounder, more defined look.

Weight Loss

Having excess fat can alter the look of the booty. Since the elliptical is a cardiovascular machine, it triggers your body to burn fat all over -- including the booty area. Cardio is performed in a repetitive motion, burning calories efficiently. During a 60 minute workout, a 125-pound person burns 540 calories while a 185-pound person burns 800 calories when gliding at a moderate pace. You'll notice weight loss throughout your entire body, not just your booty.

Duration of Workouts

Using the elliptical regularly is important when it comes to losing weight from your backside. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it may require 60 minutes or more of physical activity performed five days a week to lose weight. If you have a tight schedule, dividing your workout into two or more sessions a day is just as effective as one long session.

Resistance and Incline

Ellipticals come equipped with an incline and resistance adjustment. By increasing one or both of these, you'll increase the intensity of your workout and the emphasis on your glutes. This also helps you burn more calories during your workout.

Interval Training

If you are looking for fast booty weight loss, try interval training. Instead of gliding at a steady pace, alternate back and forth from a high to low intensity throughout your workout. Alternate your speed, resistance, incline or all three together. This provides a higher caloric expenditure than a steady paced workout routine.

Tips About Form

Using proper mechanics while gliding is imperative for toning the glutes. Once you place your feet on the pedals, grasp the poles with your hands at about shoulder-height. As you move, look straight ahead, keep your shoulders lifted and tighten your abs to produce force. This also keeps your spine in alignment. Push your legs back in a smooth, forceful motion to ensure that you work your booty to the fullest.

Other Areas Targeted

The elliptical is actually a full body workout machine because of the poles that move back and forth. This motion allows you to work your thighs, calves, back, shoulders and arms during your daily routine.