Dodgeball Techniques

Dodgeball close up

While a round of dodgeball might look chaotic, all players use techniques when participating in the game. These techniques make it easier to throw and avoid the ball, while putting the player in a good position to make a catch. The next time you play dodgeball, incorporate some additional techniques into your game to improve your performance.

Two for One

You can throw the ball in a number of different ways, depending on your arm strength and your distance from your opponent. One technique is to grab two balls at the same time to distract an opponent, and throw them simultaneously with a windmill motion. Since some players find it hard to hit an opponent while throwing two balls at once, you can also use the windmill motion for a single ball. Keep in mind that releasing a single ball makes it much easier for your opponent to dodge it.

Easy Catch

When you catch the ball, it puts the player who threw the ball out of the game and allows you to bring one of your eliminated players back into the match. If you touch the ball with your hands and do not catch it, however, you are eliminated from the game. As the ball approaches you, put your entire body behind it, rather than using your arms exclusively. Use your body and arms to control the ball, as this gives you a better chance of catching it. If a ball looks like an easy catch, it could mean that another ball is coming toward you immediately. Maintain awareness of all players on the court as you go for a catch.

Don't Panic

Dodging the ball remains important in a dodgeball game, but you must keep your composure and not panic as the ball approaches. When the ball approaches you, move just far enough to avoid it. If you move too far, you could move right into the path of another ball. Keep your eyes looking forward as you dodge the ball, as your opponents could throw multiple balls in your direction at once.

Team Attacks

Working together with a teammate makes it easier to hit an opponent with the ball. If you and a teammate both have a ball, move toward the center line to cut down on the amount of reaction time that you give your opponent. The first teammate throws the ball toward the opponent in an attempt to control where the opponent moves. The second teammate throws the ball to where the opponent is headed, making it very difficult to avoid the ball.