Can You Get the Perfect Body in One Week?

Sportive woman working out on exercise bike

Unfortunately, there is no way to get a perfect body in one week. Every thinking person realizes this. However, if you want a perfect body--or at least a much-improved one--you can set the course in a week for achieving that longer-term goal. You can impose the changes in your life needed to improve your body and get it on the course to perfection in a week. You can do this by doing cardiovascular exercises, strength training, changing your diet and drinking enough water.

Start changing your body for the better by doing cardiovascular training. Getting your heart rate up and increasing your metabolism will help you get in better shape and feel much better. The best kind of cardiovascular training to do is interval training, which includes short bursts of demanding exercises.

Ride an exercise bike, which is one of the best types of interval training. Do sprints on the exercise bike by riding as hard as you can for 60 seconds, 50 seconds, 40 seconds and 35 seconds. Do each one of these sprints right after each other. Take a 2-minute break and then do another set of sprints. Do one more double set of sprints on the exercise bicycle before you leave the gym. Do cardiovascular interval training at least three times per week.

Start lifting weights to gain strength, build definition in your muscles and cut fat from your body. The best of kind of strength training is with free weights. However, you can do exercises like the bench press and squat only if you have a partner to spot you. If not, you can do circuit training on the weight machines. This will allow you to work out your chest, arms, back, abs, upper legs and calf muscles. Do strength training exercises four times a week.

Use an exercise ball to work on your abdominal muscles. Most people who want a perfect body want to have washboard abdominal muscles. One of the best ways to work on your abs is to do crunches while lying on an exercise ball. Find your balance point on the exercise ball while keeping your feet on the ground. Lie on your back across the ball so your back is basically parallel to the floor. Lift your head and neck up about 18 inches until you feel intense pressure on your stomach muscles. Do 25 of these crunches, take a 30-second break and do 25 more. Do two or more double sets of these crunches every day.

Change your diet and start eating healthier foods. Get rid of fried foods, junk foods and fast foods. Don't have red meat more than once per week. Eat white-meat chicken and fish instead. Eat two to three portions of fresh vegetables and one to two portions of fresh fruit every day. Stop eating empty calories in desserts. Eat the healthy fats that are found in nuts and avocados.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. Water will not only help flush the toxins out of your body, it will help replenish and rejuvenate your muscles, joints, bones and tendons. Your workouts will go much better when you are sufficiently hydrated.


You can work hard, but you can't make miracles happen in a week. Institute your program in the first week and stick with it, and you will notice positive changes in your body very quickly.