Mini Trampoline Disadvantages

Mini Trampoline Disadvantages

Rebounding on a mini trampoline accelerates your heart rate and respiration and provides a fairly comfortable way of burning calories. Mini trampoline workouts have their disadvantages as well. Due to their small size, there is limited room to perform physical activity, there are only a few basic activities that can done on the apparatus, these workouts can become boring and there are inherent dangers present with a mini trampoline.

Limited Space

Mini trampolines provide a very limited space in which to perform your exercises. The diameter of the surface allows you to separate your feet for no more than about 24 inches. The confining aspect of the apparatus is space saving but does not allow for the range of movement you will want in your exercise routines. For this reason, work on the mini trampoline should be supplemented with other activities such as floor calisthenics and swimming that allow you to extend to your movements and create long lean muscles.

Exercise Limitations

There are only a few type of exercises you can perform on a rebounding apparatus. The two basic activities are jogging and jumping. You can add some variety to these exercises by adding different arm movements. For instance, you can swing your arms back and forth simultaneously or pump them as you jog or bounce. You can also lift them overhead as you exercise but do not do this if you have high blood pressure, as elevating your arms for an extended period can raise your blood pressure. Small kicks can also be performed during bouncing exercises on the mini trampoline to add an extra movement to a limited routine.

Monotony and Quitting

Working out on a mini trampoline can become monotonous. You are likely repeating the same type of movements over and over. This is a serious disadvantage as it can lead to you stopping exercise altogether. The way to counteract this problem is with cross training. Incorporate other types of physical activities such as dance or tennis. Water aerobics is often an answer for those who are limited in the type of exercise they can perform due to age, illness or injury.

Safe Practice

The mini trampoline can be dangerous to use for many people. There is always the possibly of falling off this piece of equipment especially if you suffer from a problem with balance. The Weight Loss Resources fitness website recommends equipping a rebounder with stabilizing bars for those who need the support. Proper use of the mini trampoline is essential to prevent accidents. Avoid jumping too high or jogging too fast. Make sure there is plenty of overhead room in the area in which you use your mini trampoline.

Safe Equipment

Never use an apparatus that is worn out or improperly put together. Some units are pre-assembled while others require some degree of self assembly. Look for the legs of the rebounder to fit securely into place. Examine the bands of the bouncing mat to make sure they fit completely onto the frame and are evenly spaced. Ensure that there are no tears in the fabric. The padding around the mat should be hole free as well and appear in good shape. There should be no fraying of the edges on the mat or padding. Carefully review the item for protrusions of any kind, bends in the legs or sagging of the mat. Any of these issues can potentially cause injuries.