Wrist Support for Weight Lifting

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Lifting weights is an effective way to transform your body and improve your physical conditioning and strength. The repetitive action of certain lifts can cause problems with your wrists over time. Protecting against injury by supporting your wrists during weight lifting sessions will enable you to lift more weight and avoid missing any training.

Wrist Tendonitis

Supporting your wrists in some way while you lift weights, especially heavier weights, will help you prevent overuse injuries like tendonitis. Tendons attach muscle to bone, and when you lift weight you place stress on your wrist tendons from various angles. Wrist tendonitis leaves your wrist tendons swollen and sore and may cause you to take time away from your weight training.

Wrist Straps

Weight lifting straps are generally utilized when you want to lift heavy weights. Exercises like shrugs, deadlifts and barbell rows can be enhanced with the use of wrist straps. You can also use straps for heavy curls or pressing movements if you feel they help. To use a weightlifting strap, slide your entire hand through the hole and position the strap in the space between your thumb and forefinger. You wrap the straps around the bar and then twist the bar to tighten them up. Start with your less coordinated or weaker hand because the second one will have to be done one-handed.

Wrist Hooks

Weight lifting wrist hooks are similar in concept to the straps, in that they offer support to your wrists and grip when attempting to lift heavier weights. The hooks consist of a wrist band or strap that you fasten around your wrist, with an aluminum or metal hook that extends down your palm. The hook is a couple inches wide and hooks out away from your palm. To provide support, you position the hook around any sort of straight weight lifting bar before you execute the movement. Wrist hooks are not effective for exercises where you are underneath the weight like bench or shoulder presses.

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are used to stabilize your wrists during any type of lifting exercise. Wraps are made of nylon or other fabric and wrap around your wrists like an elastic bandage. You will have to experiment with different wrapping methods and tightness until you find a combination that best suits your needs.