The Best Clone Golf Irons


According to the Titleist Performance Institute, the best clone iron golf clubs might not be very good at all. Clone irons are typically cheaply manufactured without the performance standards or the materials of golf clubs produced by original equipment manufacturers. That said, there are still plenty of clone iron options on the market for all types of golfers. Judging by quality, durability and features not normally found on cloned clubs, several models differentiate themselves.

Cloned Extreme X-4

The Extreme X-4 iron set is meant to mimic the Callaway X-24 set, which is widely considered one of the best performance enhancing iron sets in all of golf. The Extreme X-4 has perimeter weighting just like the Callaway version, which lowers the sweet spot and helps golfers launch the ball higher and farther with more consistency. The Extreme X-4 has a thick top line and wide sole to enhance playability and provide golfers with additional accuracy. At less than $150 for the complete set, as of Jan. 2011, the price is right for a cloned iron set.

Pinemeadow Golf Command Q

Pinemeadow Golf has made an impact on the cloned golf club market that has resonated with the value-conscious crowd. Their most notable knockoff set is the Command Q Titanium irons, which replicate the Taylor Made Burner series. These clubs were the first that Pinemeadow has made with a titanium face, a huge advantage and step up in technology for a cloned set. Titanium also helps increase the size of the sweet spot on these irons, helping golfers hit the ball farther more consistently.

GigaGolf Verve 17 Ti Driver

GigaGolf has cloned several of the leading manufacturer's top clubs including Callaway and Taylor Made, but this offering mimicking the Cobra S9-1 Speed driver is its best work. The club features variable face thickness technology to ensure that balls contacted on the sweet spot launch long and straight, while mishits also work their way back towards the target without sacrificing distance. This process, which makes the face thicker towards the center and thinner towards the outsides, is very expensive and not usually found in cloned drivers.

Inazone CNC Wedges

The short game is a major element of scoring, and the Inazone CNC Wedges closely mimic the popular Titleist Vokey series. Crafted with soft metals and the deepest grooves for the maximum amount of spin allowed under the USGA Rules of Golf, Inazone has proved itself as a capable knockoff manufacturer. The wedges come with steel shafts and have a variety of lofts. The clubs are available in 52 degree gap wedge, 56 degree sand wedge and 60 degree lob wedge combinations.