What Are Some Other Games Played on a Pingpong Table?

Table Tennis Ball and Bats

You don’t have to be stuck just playing the traditional game of pingpong on your pingpong table. There are a variety of other entertaining games that you can play on the same long surface. With just a few household objects, you can create a playground of table top games appropriate for your entire family -- children, teens and adults.

Pingpong Basketball

Play basketball on your pingpong table by taping two plastic or Styrofoam cups to opposite ends of the table. Take turns bouncing a pingpong ball across the table, aiming for the cup on the other end of the table. Prevent your opponent’s ball from entering the cup closest to you with pingpong paddle or your hand. Score the game similarly to traditional basketball -- or devise your own scoring system.

Pingpong Blow

The Disney FamilyFun website suggests marking a goal on each end of the pingpong table with masking tape. Put a pingpong ball in the middle of the table and hand your opponent a drinking straw. Starting at “Go!,” attempt to blow the pingpong ball across the table using only the straw. Make it past your opponent’s line to earn a point. The first player to make it to the previously designated number of points wins.

Table Hockey

Design a rectangular-shaped hockey rink on your pingpong using hardcover books or blocks for walls. Leave open spaces at both ends of the rink. Use an ice cream stick to volley a ball of paper into the opposite goal. You can use the sides and entire length of the table to attempt to gain possession of the puck and score a goal -- just be careful not to knock over the books or blocks in all the excitement.

Sharp Shooting

Cut five different-sized holes into the side of a box. Label each hole with a corresponding value -- for example, a smaller-sized hole can be labeled with a high score, such as 500. Set the box at one end of the pingpong table and use tape to designate a starting spot on the opposite end of the table. Using an ice cream stick, take turns rolling marbles toward the box, aiming for the highest numbered holes. The player with the highest score at the end of five tries wins.