The Lightest BMX Bikes

Low angle view of a man performing stunts on a bicycle

Decreasing the weight of your BMX bike allows you to jump higher and spin faster. Unfortunately, the lightest BMX bikes remain the most expensive models. If you don't have the funds to purchase one of these complete bikes, simply customize your current setup with a few of these lightweight components.

Hollow Parts

The handlebar stem of the BMX features a series of bolts. Stem bolts that have a solid construction add unnecessary weight to the frame of your BMX. According to Vital BMX, the lightest BMX bikes feature hollow stem bolts. Simply replace your stock stem bolts to decrease the weight of your handlebars. The wheel axles of the BMX commonly feature a solid aluminum construction. The lightest BMX bikes feature wheel axles that have a hollow design.

BMX Frame

The frame is the largest and heaviest component of the BMX bike. According to ESPN, the lightest BMX bikes have been constructed with titanium frames. While these titanium models weigh as little as 16 pounds, they can cost more than $2,000. The lightest titanium bikes weigh only 2 pounds. For a less expensive option, choose a BMX frame that features a chromoly design. According to Transworld BMX, chromoly is a type of alloy that has a lighter and stronger composition than steel.


Many BMX bikes come equipped with a set of grinding pegs. Bikers often remove two of the pegs to decrease the weight of the wheels. Although stainless steel pegs are the most durable and can grind across rough cement ledges, they also add unnecessary weight. The lightest BMX bikes feature pegs with an aluminum or plastic construction. Use aluminum pegs while street riding and plastic pegs on the ramp. Shorter pegs are lighter than the extended models.


Despite the compact design, BMX pedals can add significant weight. Heavier pedals feature a solid stainless steel construction. The lightest BMX bikes feature pedals made of aluminum or plastic. Equip your BMX with hollow pedals to decrease the weight of the crank arms. The lightest pedal models also feature hollow bolts. While wider pedals offer increased stability, they weigh down the BMX. Replace your stock pedals to lighten the frame of your BMX bike.