Instructions for a Rhode Gear Super Cycle Shuttle

Placing a bicycle rack onto your car will allow you to easily transport your cycle. Mountain bikes often accumulate dirt and grime from the riding terrain. Having a bike rack will help prevent the dirty tires of your mountain bike from making contact with your car's interior. Yakima produces a series of Rhode Gear bike racks that can fit onto the back of your vehicle. The Super Shuttle rack permits you to transport as many as three bicycles to and from your riding locations.

Locate the adjustment hubs found on either side of your bicycle rack. Lower the corresponding levers to allow the hubs to move freely. Rotate the hubs to extend the padded bars of your Super Shuttle. Put the larger of the two padded bars just above the license plate of your minivan or SUV.

Place the smaller padded bar onto the rear windshield. Rotate the adjustments hubs until the two padded bars of your Super Shuttle fit around the back of your car. Push down on the hub levers to lock the bars in place. Identify the various hooks of your car rack.

Fasten the top hooks around the highest horizontal edge of your trunk. Pull down on the strap ends until your rack sits in place. Place the side hooks around the horizontal edges of your trunk. Pull the ends of the straps sideways to tighten them.

Loosen the bottom hooks to stretch down to the bottom edge of your trunk. Rest the hooks over your trunk. Tighten the bottom straps to secure the position of your Super Shuttle. Pull up on one of the hub levers. Lift the arms of the Super Shuttle to make them parallel with the ground.

Push down on the lever of the hub adjuster to stabilize the position of the bike holding arms. Rest the horizontal tube of your bike frame onto the arms of the Super Shuttle. Tighten the arm straps over your bike to hold it in place.