How to Wrap a Popping Knee With an Ace Bandage so You Can Bike

elastic bandage

A popping, or cracking, sound in the knee could have several causes, including chondromalacia -- where the kneecap is out of alignment -- swelling in the patellar tendon and osteoarthritis. Wrapping the joint in an Ace bandage helps stabilize the muscles, tendons and the kneecap while cycling. Ace bandages are available at most drug store, come in different widths and are available with clips or a self-adhesive coating. Consult your physician before exercising with a knee injury.

Sit in a chair and prop your foot up on another chair opposite you. Keep your leg straight while wrapping your knee.

Unroll 2 to 4 inches from the end of the bandage. Place the loose end of the bandage on the back of your leg, just below the knee.

Wrap the bandage once around the lower leg, just below your kneecap to secure the end. Wrap the band a second time, ending at the start point.

Wrap the band twice around your thigh, just above the knee cap, then wrap the bandage twice around your lower leg, just below the knee cap. Keep your kneecap and the pocket in the back of your knee uncovered.

Wrap the bandage around your thigh until you run out. Secure the bandage with the clips, or smooth the bandage down if it has a self-adhesive coating.


The bandage should be snug, but not overly tight. If you notice numbness in your lower leg or foot, remove the bandage and wrap it again.