How to Make a Homemade Basketball Rim

Basketball hoop

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and many people will do anything they can to play. For some that includes making their own basketball goal or rim out of whatever they can find. To build your own hoop at home all you need is an object with an opening at the top and bottom, and a place to hang your goal that can act as a backboard.

Find something to act as a rim for your goal. Ideally you could find an old or knocked down goal and get the rim but other things, including milk or shipping crates, bicycle tires and any large metal ring that a basketball can fit through, will work.

Cut the bottom out of the crate if you are using one and make sure to remove any rough or sharp objects from your rim. Sharp objects can damage the ball or your hand if you can jump high enough.

Test your rim out to make sure that a ball will fit through. The ball should pass through easily to prevent damage to the ball and to make sure it does not get stuck in the rim.

Find a place to hang the rim on the side of a house, building or sign. Any one of these flat surfaces will give you a backboard to play with as well. "The New York Times" notes that you can play with no backboard, but that makes it more challenging and you often have to chase the ball down.

Attach your rim to the house or building using nails or bolts. A regulation rim's upper edge is 10 feet off the ground, according to official basketball If you are just sitting the goal on the top of a surface because you do not have a backboard, "The New York Times" notes that you can simply tie it to the surface using a rope to make sure it does not move or fall. Once your goal is secured and attached, you are ready to play ball.