What Do You Need for a "Jillian Michaels" Workout?

African American woman lifting weights

Between 1993 and 2013, no health and wellness trainer in the country had a higher profile than Jillian Michaels. Her most popular projects include a multitude of exercise DVD's ranging from "30 Day Shred" to "Yoga Inferno." Before committing to one of her fitness challenges, you must be first be prepared with the proper equipment. While her exercises are intense and unique, the equipment she requires is identical to most video trainers.

Bring on the Weights

Michaels requires a pair of hand weights in many of her DVDs. In general, you'll need two separate sets including a 5 pound and an 8 to 10 pound. This way, if an exercise is too easy or too difficult, you can adjust to your needs. Michaels will also instruct you to use one or the other depending on the exercise. Within the first few weeks, after you have built some strength and become accustomed to the exercises, the DVD will tell you to increase the difficulty level by increasing your weight. For example, if you start with a 5 pound, increase to the 8.

Stay Soft

An exercise or yoga mat will also prove beneficial. Many of her moves are performed on the ground, which can be painful for your knees, wrists and back. Though it is not a requirement to complete her workout, it will relieve discomfort and possibly save you from injury.

Get Some Room

Though it may be obvious, you will need a sufficient amount of room to perform a Michaels workout. Your workout space should be open and free of breakables. If you're working out in your home, adjust the furniture so you have enough space to easily lie down, swing your arms and extend your legs.

Know Your Limits

All of Michaels' DVDs include advanced fitness moves designed to burn fat and build muscle. However, in every exercise, Michaels has two additional fitness trainers to show the beginner and advanced variations of the move. Don't force yourself to try the advanced moves before you're ready. That can only lead to injury or a high level of fatigue. Likewise, don't perform the beginner moves if you have some experience. Michaels also includes a warm up and cool down in each DVD. Do both to prevent injury, improve your recovery time and increase your flexibility.