The Best Workout Routine With Iron Gym


The Iron Gym is a piece of exercise equipment that you can use to complete strength training workouts in your home. With the Iron Gym unit, you can complete an array of upper body strength exercises, including pullups with a variety of grips, pushups, dips and abdominal crunches. The unit attaches to your door frame without hardware. The best workout routine adequately develops each of the major muscle groups and stimulates improvement in muscle strength and size.

Iron Gym Exercises

Pullups primarily develop your latissimus dorsi, which is the largest muscle in your back, as well as your biceps, rhomboids and trapezius muscles. Pushups and dips work your chest, shoulders and triceps. Abdominal crunches work your rectus abdominis, the largest muscle in your stomach area, that when developed, offers the six-pack look. By completing all four of the Iron Gym exercises, you target all of the major muscle groups in the upper body.

Iron Gym Workout Schedule

A minimum of two workouts per week is needed to stimulate improvements in muscle strength and size, according to Georgia State University’s Department of Kinesiology. The best workout routine utilizes three training days per week, but with at least 48 hours of rest in between each workout session. For example, a schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, is ideal.

Iron Gym Workout Routine

Warm up prior to any workout with the Iron Gym to ensure that your muscles are adequately prepared for the intense workout. Warming up will prevent injury and improve your workout performance. Spend three minutes jogging, jumping rope or completing jumping rope to increase your temperature, and then do a variety of arm swings and circles to warm up your shoulder joints. To develop muscle size, you’ll complete three sets of the maximum number that you can complete of each exercise. Super setting the exercise routine allows you to more efficiently complete the workout. For example, do a set of pullups and then immediately move onto a set of pushups, instead of resting for two minutes and completing a second set of pullups. Pair pullups with pushups, and dips with abdominal crunches.


The Iron Gym unit allows you to effectively complete a variety of upper body and core strength exercises, but it’s important to also incorporate some lower body exercises into your routine as well. In addition to the exercises on the Iron Gym, complete three sets of 12 repetitions each of lunges, squats and calf raises to adequately develop the major muscle groups in your lower body.