Fun Golf Games for Leagues to Play on the Course

Golfers high fiving on putting green standing next to golfer holding flag

Golf is mostly a solitary game of you and a ball against the elements, but there are some games you can play within the sport to make it more interesting. Some games can be competitive, others can be about socializing, and both can be a great way to improve your skills while having some fun.

The Good And The Bad

This is a game for four players split into two teams. Each hole played is worth 2 points. One point is for the "good" and one point is for the "bad." After a hole is played, the best score by a player on the first team is compared with the best score of a player on the second team. The team with the best score gets the "good" point. Then the same is done for the other player on each team. Whichever player had the better of the two lowest team points scores a "bad" point for his team. In the case of a tie, the point is carried over to the next hole.


Wolf is a fun game for four players. At the start of each hole, one player is deemed the "wolf," -- this should rotate for each hole. After each player tees off, the "wolf" may choose any of the other players to be his partner for the hole, or choose to be solo, based on the tee shots. If the "wolf" chooses a partner, the other two players become a team. If the "wolf" decides to be solo, the other three players are a team. At the end of the hole, if the "wolf" wins solo he gets two points. If the "wolf" wins with the help of a partner, each player gets a point. If the other team, of two or three players, wins the hole, all players from that team get a point. On par-three holes, the "wolf" must choose his partner before the tee shot. On par-five holes, the "wolf" may wait until everyone's second shot to choose his partner. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Alternate Shot

Alternate shot golf, sometimes called foursomes, is played by four players split into two teams. Each team's players alternate hitting the same ball. If player one tees off, player two from that team has to play the second shot from where it lands. Then player one will play the third shot and so on until the ball is holed. This actually makes a game of golf go more quickly, theoretically. And this game can be played as stroke play or match play.

Four-Man Cha Cha Cha

This game is for a four-man team tournament-style competition. All four players on the team play their ball throughout the game. But scoring is based on a three-hole rotation. On the first hole, the team score is equal to the score of the player with the lowest score. On the second hole, the team score is the combination of both of the lowest scores on the team. On the third hole, the team score is the combination of the three lowest scores on the team. Then the rotation starts over again on the fourth hole.