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How to Use a Schwinn Bike Trainer

Bicyclists don’t have to give up time in the saddle when winter weather or a rainy season hits. Instead, riders can move workouts indoors with a Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer, which converts a road bike into an indoor exerciser. Riding inside provides a cyclist the opportunity to boost skills, and is a convenient way to keep in cycling shape, advises The Schwinn magnetic trainer is quiet and offers a wide variety of resistance. That means you can simulate climbing, sprinting and other conditions you’ll encounter when you get back on the road.

  1. Choose a good spot to convert your outdoor bike into an indoor exerciser with your Schwinn Bike Trainer. Make sure it’s in a spot where you’ll use it for exercise rather than in a place that will be more appealing for laundry-hanging purposes. Consider whether you want to watch bike-training videos or your favorite TV show, or prefer to look out a window. Make sure you can play loud music if that’s what you prefer. Set up a fan that will blow on you, or a place where you can reach a fine-mist spray bottle with water, as there will be no breeze like when you ride your bike outside, recommends Also consider placing a mirror in front of you so that you can watch your form.

  2. Follow the instructions provided by Schwinn to set up your bike trainer. Before each workout, check the trainer’s stability and security, especially if you plan a hardcore workout.

  3. Set goals for your training program. Decide if you want to train to build endurance, increase your anaerobic threshold, boost cruising speed, raise your time-trial speed, lose weight, increase or maintain fitness, or a combination of these things. Create a long-term workout plan based on your goals, or purchase a DVD that guides you along. DVDs may focus on many skills, including time-trailing, sprinting, climbing and proper cycling technique, advises Planning ahead so that you know what you want to accomplish for each workout is an important component of using an indoor trainer, advises

  4. Set the resistance on your Schwinn trainer according to the workout plan that you have created. This program needs to include periodic increases in difficulty. recommends increasing the resistance and/or intensity once every three to four rides.

  5. Post an easily readable “script” that plots your day’s workout if you are not following a DVD. For example, it might look like this: Five-minute warm-up, two-minute fast pedaling, one-minute all-out seated sprint, four-minute recovery, three-minute standing sprint, four-minute recovery, two-minute standing sprint, five-minute cool-down.

  6. Record your performance in a training log. Reassess your goals if need be. Ask yourself what areas you need to focus on to improve. Adjust your long-term workout plan based on this self-feedback.

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