5 Benefits of Power Walking


Power walking is a style of walking performed at a steady, energetic pace. Consisting of pronounced arm movements and brisk, wide footsteps, power walking requires little more than comfortable attire, proper walking shoes, and a love of fresh outdoor air. This form of activity offers many benefits.

Weight Management

Power walking is an effective way to help manage your weight. Since it works your muscles using intense, exaggerated movement of the arms and feet, it is an efficient method for burning calories.

Walking at a brisk pace of 4 mph burns anywhere from 236 to 345 calories per hour depending on your level of effort. Thus, power walking -- in addition to a healthy diet -- helps keep unwanted pounds at bay.

Improved Health

Incorporating regular exercise into your fitness regimen helps combat illness and disease. When done with consistency, power walking can help raise good cholesterol levels and decrease bad cholesterol levels. Cardiovascular exercises like power walking help to lower high blood pressure and lessen the risks of illnesses like type 2 diabetes. Power walking also decreases the likelihood of serious health issues like certain types of cancers and stroke.

Reduced Stress

Power walking helps reduce the stresses associated with day-to-day living. One session every day helps redirect your focus and concentration away from stressful environments and situations; it is an efficient way to engage in time alone and release tension. Endorphins released in the brain through exercise result in a more relaxed disposition and calmer state of mind. Removing yourself from the hectic pace of the office or busy home atmosphere for a power walk can leave you renewed and refreshed.

Better Performance of Daily Tasks

Power walking uses both upper body and lower body strength, which results in stronger muscles and bones. Improved body conditioning provides better endurance for carrying out daily tasks. Regular exercise will heighten your ability to do challenging tasks like lifting heavy objects with ease; you gain a better sense of self, feelings of accomplishment and better productivity.

Convenient, Cost-Free and Time-Efficient

If you want to shape up without the cost of a gym membership, power walking is a cost-free method to meet your goals. If you are the adventurous type, power walking enables you to explore outdoor areas you are unfamiliar with while you burn calories. If saving the environment is your concern, power walking can transport you to your destination. You not only cut the need for a car but save money on gas as well.

If the family dog needs a walk and you need a workout, power walking is a convenient way to do both at the same time. Done anywhere, this activity is accessible and fits all different lifestyles.