What Exercises can be Done at 36 weeks pregnancy?

healthy pregnant woman doing yoga in nature

Keeping fit during pregnancy can ease some pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and excess weight gain. It also can strengthen your body, which may make labor and delivery easier. Be sure to consult with your doctor to confirm that exercise during pregnancy is safe for you. If you are a beginner to exercise, it may be smart to wear a heart-rate monitor during exercise. Set the monitor to alert you if your heart rate approaches 140. If you do, be sure to ease off the intensity until your heart rate lowers. Thirty minutes of exercise each day can help keep you fit, even in your 36th week.

Light Weight Training

You should avoid lifting heavy weights during pregnancy as you don’t want to strain yourself. Also, avoid lifting weights over your head. However, you can keep your muscles toned by lifting light weights several days each week. You especially should work on developing the abdominal muscles. This will help you during the delivery portion of your birth. At 36 weeks, your belly will be too large to do traditional crunches, but you should be able to do pelvic tilts and hip bridges.


You can walk during all weeks of your pregnancy. In fact, in your final weeks, walking is encouraged, as it can ease discomfort and even help you go into labor from your 37th week on.


Swimming is an enjoyable, no-impact form of exercise and is recommended in your last trimester. Most physicians say this is the safest form of exercise during pregnancy as your body doesn’t experience any stress on your joints. It also helps prevent your body from overheating in warmer months.

Stationary Cycling

While cycling is an appropriate exercise during all trimesters, it is best to exercise on a stationary bike rather than a traditional cycle. During your 36th week, your belly will be large and this can throw off your center of gravity, increasing your risk for a fall. Indoor stationary cycling or group cycling classes are a safe alternative.


Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise to enjoy in your 36th week. You also may be able to find local prenatal yoga classes with instructors who are trained to help you develop muscles used in labor and delivery and ease discomfort from your changing body. Just remember that your body is more flexible during pregnancy, so be careful not to overstretch.