How to Exercise Without Losing Your Breasts

People working out with weights

It is possible to exercise without losing your breasts, but losing overall body weight is more difficult. According to the American Council on Exercise, weight loss affects all areas of the body that store fat, which includes the breasts. Breasts are mainly composed of fatty tissues, milk ducts and connective tissues, so they fluctuate according to your overall weight. Weight training for the pectoral muscles, which lie underneath the breasts, can make your breasts look larger even when their fat content is reduced.

Keep your chest toned by doing pushups or plank exercises three days per week. Start by doing 10 pushups, if possible, and work your way to doing 50 or more. A plank, used in yoga and Pilates, is similar to a pushup except that you hold your body up in the air for a longer amount of time. Choose to do three to five planks instead of pushups for a change of pace.

Start weight training, focusing on your upper body, a few days per week. This can be done at a gym with machines made specifically for working the chest, such as lateral pull-downs, or at home using free weights. Lie on your back to do dumbbell bench press exercises with one large dumbbell or two dumbbell free weights. Lift the bar or weights straight up from your chest, hold for a few moments, and lower back down until almost touching your chest. Do three sets of eight to 10 repetitions.

Incorporate full-body exercises that focus on strength training into your weekly routine. Yoga, Pilates and interval training can help you exercise and feel fit without burning as many calories as an aerobic workout. This means that your muscles grow stronger but you don not lose as much overall fat. Your breasts will stay the same but so will other parts of your body with a lot of fatty tissue, such as your tummy and hips.