Gazelle Edge Exercises


The Gazelle Edge is a home cardio machine. It is a glider machine with moveable arms, similar to a NordicTrack skier. The Gazelle Edge uses your upper and lower body during workouts so you'll burn calories and lose weight, especially if you follow a sensible diet. There are various ways you can exercise on the machine, although they all are pretty much variations of the basic glide exercise.

Basic Glide

The basic glide is the first exercise you should learn on the Gazelle Edge. Step onto the Edge by holding the front bar near the fitness computer and placing your feet in the center of the foot platforms. Bend your knees slightly to unlock your knee joints and grab the handlebars in the center. Glide your feet alternating forward and back. Stand up tall and move your arms opposite of your legs to work your entire body.

Do 15 to 20 minutes of constant gliding. Once this is easy, you can try the wide glide exercise for a greater workout.

Wide Glide

The wide glide is similar to the basic glide, but with a further range of motion to engage your calf muscles and increase the difficulty of the movement. Start with the basic glide. Start to raise your heels as you push your legs back to come onto the ball of your foot and increase the length of your glide. Press your feet flat as they come forward. Maintain a straight spine and alternate your arms and feet movements like with the basic glide. You can move your hands up or down on the hand grips to vary the exercise and create more work for your arms. The center position is called “neutral” and puts an equal amount of resistance on the arms and legs.

Do five minutes of basic gliding to warm up before trying the wide glide. Perform the wide glide exercise for 20 minutes, and then cool down with the basic glide for five minutes.

High Glide

The high glide really targets the calves. Do the wide glide with good posture, but keep your heels lifted the whole time. Alternate using the high glide and wide glide exercises during your workout to build your calf muscles without overworking them.

Interval Exercises

Intervals are a way to vary your workouts. To do intervals simply change your intensity during exercise. Warm up by gliding at a light intensity for five minutes. Begin doing intervals by gliding at a moderate pace for three minutes and then slow down for one minute at a light intensity. Work back up to a moderate pace for three minutes. Drop down for a minute. Continue alternating exercise at the moderate pace and light pace for a total of 20 minutes. Cool down for five minutes at a light intensity.

Increase your intensity by gliding at a greater range of motion, bending your knees, hold the hand grips high so your arms have to work harder, and increasing your speed.