The Best Way to Tape Your Fingers for Volleyball


Volleyball is a game of precision, power and teamwork on the court. For the most powerful setting in volleyball, it is common to tape two of your fingers together for added support and strength, which is a technique known as "buddy taping." Taping fingers is also necessary when you've had a finger sprain or other injury that affects your game. Taping your fingers together properly not only yields the most power, it also provides injury protection and comfort while you play your best during a game.

Lay your hand on a steady surface. Start by taping your non-dominant hand, since you might need help when taping your dominant hand.

Fold a piece of gauze into a strip and insert it between the two fingers you plan on taping together. This helps increase comfort and reduce friction during game pay.

Hold your fingers together and wind a piece of athletic tape around the base of the fingers. Overlap them two to three times for a secure hold. Wrap the tape tight enough to keep your fingers securely together, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation from your fingers.

Add another row of tape between the first and second joints of the fingers to reinforce the security. Cut the tape after wrapping it two or three times around your fingers. Flex and contract your fingers to wear in the stiff tape so that you still have full mobility in your fingers.

Repeat the process on your dominant hand, if necessary. It's helpful to have a team mate or coach help you maneuver the tape and use the scissors when your dominant hand is incapacitated.

Add a strip over your individual fingers if you're using tape to protect your fingernails and finger tips. Cover your finger vertically from the bottom of the nail, over the top and onto the fingertip. Then, add a reinforcing piece around the tip of the finger to keep your tape in place.