How to Make Your Own Football Gloves


Football gloves can be worn to improve grip, support wrists and protect hands. Some of the more protective football gloves are expensive, and you may have to replace your gloves at least once during a long football season. Football gloves are not necessary for success in football, but if you feel you need extra grip and protection they can be made inexpensively.

Taping for Support

Extend your hand in front of you with the palm facing away. Wrap the pre-tape around the thumb three times. Without separating or ripping the pre-tape continue down to the wrist and wrap it three times. After the third wrap, separate the pre-tape on your wrist from the pre-tape roll and repeat these steps for your other hand.

Wrap the athletic tape around the pre-tape on your thumbs and wrists. Wrap the athletic tape in the same fashion as the pre-tape. Wrap the tape tightly enough to be supportive but not so tight circulation is cut off or movement is severely restricted.

Wrap tape in between the knuckle joints on each finger for extra finger support. Tape these areas tightly because they may become loose during a long game.

Protection and Grip

Put canvas gloves on over your taped hands and wrists. Secure the gloves by taping the open base of the gloves to your already taped wrists. Tape the gloves tightly so they do not come off during the game.

Spray the grip spray on the palms of your gloves and in between the fingers.

At halftime, respray and retape your gloves to ensure they are effective for the last two quarters.


Cut the fingertips off the canvas gloves for more grip enhancement.


Do not use Stickum. Stickum is a grip-enhancing paste or gel that is illegal in NCAA football and the NFL. It is legal for baseball and pole-vaulting but not football. There are other grip sprays available that are approved by the NCAA and NFL.

Canvas gloves may give you blisters. If this occurs, substitute the canvas gloves with leather gloves. Leather gloves are more expensive but may diminish chaffing.