Aqua Plyometrics Exercises


Plyometrics is a type of training that involves fast, explosive movements. This type of exercise is often done by athletes to help improve power output and sports performance. Aqua plyometrics is simply doing the exercises in a pool that are normally done on land. According to Steven Devor, assistant professor of sport and exercise sciences at Ohio State University, doing plyometric exercise in a pool can significantly reduce muscle soreness.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are a common plyometric exercise used in basketball training. Stand in the pool with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body down until your knees are bent 90 degrees and jump up as high as you can. Extend your arms above you head, land back on your feet and repeat.

Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps are similar to squat jumps with a few variations. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on the sides of your head. Squat down slightly and burst up in the air. As you do this, tuck your knees into your chest. Land back on your feet and repeat. You can also do this in motion by jumping forward with each rep.

Leaping Lunges

Leaping lunges are an exercise that is performed in a split stance. Stand with your right foot in front of you and your left foot behind you. Lower your body down until your right thigh is parallel with the bottom of the pool and your left knee is an inch above it. Explosively jump in the air and switch your foot position so your left leg is now in front and your right leg is behind you. Do another lunge and repeat.


Bounding is a type of exaggerated running. Take a few paces forward in the pool to get momentum then leap off your right foot. Land on your left, leap up again and land on your right. Keep taking long strides like this through the water. Every time you push off, try to get as high and as far as you can before you land with the other foot.

Single Leg Hops

Single leg hops are not only good for power output, but they also help improve balance. Stand on your right foot and curl your left lower leg behind you. Hop laterally to your right as far as you can, then hop to your left laterally as far as you can. Go back and forth for a series of reps, then switch feet.