How to Pinch a Lacrosse Head

Kathy Libby/Hemera/Getty Images

Most stock lacrosse head have open faces that are great for catching, but not so great for cradling the ball. A wide face makes ball handling more difficult and increases the risk of losing the ball. A simple modification to your lacrosse head, known as pinching, can narrow the head. A nylon cord pulls the sides of the face inward, heat softens the plastic to form to the new shape and cold sets the shape permanently. While there are several different techniques for pinching a head, the hot-water method is the easiest and safest.

Remove the netting from the lacrosse head, if necessary. Remove the head from the lacrosse stick.

Determine the amount of pinch you want on the head. While pinching the sides of the head together, wrap the length of nylon cord around it to hold the pinch in place.

Ensure that the cord is tightly tied and that the pinch will allow a lacrosse ball to pass through. Place the dowel across the face to hold it open to the legal width of 6 1/2 inches. Doing this will help keep the modification legal.

Fill a large cooking pot, capable of holding the entire lacrosse head, with water and bring it to a boil. Turn off the heat and insert the tied lacrosse head into the hot water.

Leave the head in the water until the tension on the nylon cord is lax. Use the tongs to remove the lacrosse head from the water and immediately place the head into the freezer. Leave the lacrosse head in the freezer for a minimum of four hours.

Remove the lacrosse head from the freezer after the time has elapsed. Do not test the flexibility of the head, as it may be be brittle and break when cold. Allow the head to warm to room temperature.

Examine the head to see if it is pinched sufficiently. If not, repeat the procedure with more tension on the nylon cord.