How to Add Grip to Gloves

flashfilm/Lifesize/Getty Images

Having gloves with good grip is an important factor in many sports including football, golf, racket sports, fencing and many others. But gloves with good quality grips can be expensive and can wear out. In these cases, you can use a pair of old gloves, or low-grip gloves and add a grip to them so that they function as well as some of the most expensive products on the market.

Uncap your liquid plastic glue product and load the syringe with it. You don't need to fill the syringe completely. In fact, it's better to fill it only about one-quarter full and then reload as necessary.

Use the syringe to eject small drops of glue over the area of the glove where you want to add grip. Each dollop should only be one drop in the syringe. If you use too much, your glove will become wet and sloppy. Place each drop about 1/4 inch away from the next and continue out in a grid pattern.

Connect each drop with a thinner line of the glue to create a web. This is most easily accomplished using a safety pin or other small needle as a tool. The webbing will add to the grip's strength.

Allow the glue to dry.


You can use a layer of friction tape underneath this process to add even more grip to the glove.

You can also use a fabric tac spray to give any grip a little extra strength.