How to Add Resistance to the Gazelle Edge

    Place wrist weights around your wrists. These are inexpensive and available for purchase at any fitness store.

    Place ankle weights around your ankles. These are comparable to wrist weights in price. The heavier the weights, the more resistance you can add to your workout.

    Step onto the Gazelle Edge. Situate your feet and hands so you are balanced and comfortable on the machine.

    Warm up for five minutes on the machine by performing short, slow strides. Skipping a warm-up can result in muscle strains or pulls.

    Lengthen your stride and increase your stride frequency to maximize your workout and the benefits of the added resistance on your limbs.


  • Leaning forward on the machine will require you to support more of your body weight with your arms during your workout. Leaning backwards will place more of the weight on your legs.


  • Using a weighted vest or heavy backpack on this machine will not increase the resistance to your workout. Weighted vests only work if your are propelling your body somewhere. On an elliptical machine, you are only moving your arms and legs and not receiving the full benefit of actually moving your entire body from one place to another. Jogging, basketball and tennis are examples of activities where a weighted vest would prove beneficial.

Things Needed

  • Ankle weights
  • Wrist weights

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