How to Adjust the Canting on My Tecnica Boots

    Step 1

    Place your Tecnica boots on a flat surface.

    Step 2

    Look near the heel on the outside edge of the Technica boot to find your canting adjustment.

    Step 3

    Insert the Technica adjustment tool or an Allen wrench into the canting adjustment.

    Step 4

    Turn the tool or Allen wrench clockwise until your Technica boot is in the position you want. If you desire an only slightly more aggressive ski stance, adjust it only little bit. Turn it more to set it to a significantly more aggressive position.

    Step 5

    Do the same procedure for the other boot.

    Step 6

    Test the boots and skis out on a lower-skill-level slope to see if they are properly adjusted. Keep the adjustment tool or Allen wrench handy for quick readjustment, if needed. You will have to take the boots off to properly adjust them, however.


  • Don't over-tighten your straps, otherwise you may cut off the circulation to your feet.
  • Never try to ski beyond your skill level, for your own safety.
  • Ski with a partner just in case you need assistance or someone gets lost or hurt.

Things Needed

  • Tecnica boots
  • Tecnica adjustment tool or Allen-wrench set

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