How to Adjust the Bindings on the Atomic 310 Ski


Atomic makes and produces skis, bindings and boots. Atomic's 310 series of bindings come either as stand alone bindings to be mounted on your skis, or packaged with Atomic skis. Atomic made these bindings so you could adjust them without having to take them off the ski, drill new holes, and remount them. The range of adjustment on the bindings goes from 260 to 380 mm, giving a large range of ski boot sizes that fit the bindings. There is a DIN setting of 3-14 depending on the model of 310 used.

Place the skis with bindings down on a flat workbench or surface. Consult a DIN chart for your weight, ski ability and style (see Resources).

Turn the large set screw on the back of the binding to adjust the DIN setting. Turn the screw to the left to lower the DIN setting, and to the right to increase the DIN number. Find the DIN setting mark in the small dial off the set screw. Use the DIN setting off the chart to set your binding.

Place a ski boot into the ski binding and push it down to lock the binding. Check that the binding is firmly around the toe piece and the heel piece. Release the binding and remove the ski.

Pull the release adjustment lever up; the lever is found in the center of the binding. Push or pull out the front of the binding to reduce or increase the distance between heel and toe locks, depending on what you need for your boot size.

Push the lever down and check it locks back into the housing. Place the ski boot back into the binding to test the size adjustment. Adjust the other binding and ski in the same way.


Test the adjustments on an easy slope before heading into steep or advanced terrain.


Atomic issued a recall to the 310 series bindings made between 1998 and 2002. Before using any Race 310 / Race 412 / RaceRace 310, Centro 310, ADX 310 or Xentrix 310 contact Atomic for repair or replacement information.