How to Adjust Exercise Bike Resistance

    Mount the exercise bike and place your feet onto the pedals securing your feet in the belt. Begin pedaling to power on the bike's electronic machine.

    Choose a workout mode. Most exercise bike machines will have different preset modes as well as a manual mode. The manual mode allows you to adjust the resistance to fit your workout style. The "Hill Workout" preset includes increasing and decreasing resistance levels to simulate biking up and down hills.

    Adjust the bike's resistance level by using the keypad to increase or decrease the machine's resistance in the manual mode. The keypad should be marked as "Resistance." Push the up button to increase the resistance to make pedaling more difficult. Push the down button to decrease the resistance and allow you to pedal faster and with less stress on your muscles.


  • Increase your resistance over time as your muscles grow stronger. As you get in better shape, increase the level to a comfortable level and develop a workout routine with increasing and decreasing resistance levels which cater to your own preferences.

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