How to Assemble an Ab Roller

Ab Roller

An Ab Roller is a piece of exercise equipment that will help you to do effective sit-up and crunch abdominal exercises. It incorporates a rolling motion with a head and neck support that encourages proper form while you are working on toning up your abs and obliques.

Take out the two curved arm bars and insert one into each end of the overhead support bar. Insert the small screws so that the screw heads face up when the Ab Roller is placed on the floor. Tighten the screws with the provided Allen wrench.

Place the head rest onto the lower support bar, and fasten tightly with two long screws.

Insert the each side bar into one end of the lower bar and fasten with two short screws.

Put the nylon cover over the Pro-Assist Spring with the small opening of the spring at the top. Then place the protective cap over the nylon casing and spring.

Attach the Pro-Assist Springs to the back of the head rest using two short screws. Once everything is put together, make sure the Ab Roller is sturdy and all of the screws are tightened well.


If you are having trouble getting the pieces to fit into one another, try lubricating the contact points with a small amount of clear oil.


Check the tightness of all joints prior to subsequent use in order to prevent injury. Keep the Ab Roller out of extreme heat, extended periods of direct sunlight, or extreme cold. As it weathers, it may become unstable.