How to Attach the Band on Swimming Goggles


Swimming goggles allow you to see your surroundings underwater and keep you focused on both your competition and your lane placement when racing. The right pair of goggles can protect your eyes and give you a competitive advantage over swimmers without eye protection. In the world of competitive swimming, races are often decided by a fraction of a second. Every pair of goggles is a little different, but attaching the band follows the same basic procedure for most types.

Locate the band loop on your goggles. Find one of these hard plastic loops on each side of your goggles. This is where the strap feeds.

Lay your goggles face down and place the strap over them. Ensure the strap lies flat and is not twisted.

Push one end of the strap through the band loop, from the back of the goggles.

Pull the strap through a few inches and loop it back through itself. The goggle strap should have a loop on it that secures the loose end of the band.

Repeat this process on the other side. Once the strap is secure, you can adjust your band to a comfortable size and hit the pool.