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How to Attach the Band on Swimming Goggles

    Step 1

    Locate the band loop on your goggles. Find one of these hard plastic loops on each side of your goggles. This is where the strap feeds.

    Step 2

    Lay your goggles face down and place the strap over them. Ensure the strap lies flat and is not twisted.

    Step 3

    Push one end of the strap through the band loop, from the back of the goggles.

    Step 4

    Pull the strap through a few inches and loop it back through itself. The goggle strap should have a loop on it that secures the loose end of the band.

    Step 5

    Repeat this process on the other side. Once the strap is secure, you can adjust your band to a comfortable size and hit the pool.

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