How to Attach Beach Chairs to Bicycles

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Riding a bicycle to the beach is a common activity during the summer. One problem people often face is transporting their beach chairs while they ride. Fortunately, due to a clever invention, that is not the case anymore. The Beach Bum Bike Caddy solves the problem that people once had when it comes to bringing a beach chair on their bicycles. Because of its easy-to-use design, people can attach them to their bicycles, and they will be ready to enjoy beach lounging in no time.

Attach Beach Bum Bike Caddy to Your Bicycle

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Mount the Beach Bum Bike Caddy to the chainstay of the bicycle on the left side of the back wheel, and make sure that it is secured tightly.

Locate the crossbar in the back of the chair, and clamp the Beach Bum Bike Caddy to it. Make sure to clamp it toward the center of the crossbar in order to relieve stress on the device.

Tighten the clamp to make sure that the beach chair is not loose.


The Beach Bum Bike Caddy is not suitable for all types of chairs. It is supposed to be used for short-leg reclining chairs, which are popular on the beach.