How to Attach a Throat Protector to an Itech Goalie Mask


Playing ice hockey as a goaltender is a tough job. It's even harder knowing that you must stop a puck as well as the following player if they come crashing into you. The Itech goalie mask is sturdy and will protect you against pucks, but the throat guard helps protect the goalie against skate blades and sticks that could injure your windpipe or throat.

Remove the Itech neck guard from the packaging and have the goalie wear the Itech mask as he normally would. This will allow you to properly measure where the neck guard needs to hang on the goalie to provide maximum protection.

Cut three lengths of string or skate lace to tie the neck guard to the mask. Two must be the same length, the other should be the same length or a little longer than the other two. To measure the length, hold the neck guard where the goalie wants it to be in comparison to his mask, then measure from the edge of the cage to the hole in the side of the neck guard. Double this measured length to find the length of skate lace you should cut for each side.

Thread the lace through the hole on one side of the neck guard until you reach the middle of the lace. Feed one end of the lace up through the bottom rung of the cage and wrap it around so you are able to tie it to the other free end of the lace. Repeat on the opposite side.

Feed the slightly longer lace through the hole in the front of the Itech neck guard and up through the bottom center of the cage to hold the neck guard in place. Tie another knot to secure it.

Shake the mask to ensure the laces are tied tightly and that the Itech neck guard will not come loose from the Itech mask. Have the goalie put the mask back on with the neck guard attached and shake his head around to make sure the neck guard is falling in the right place and will provide enough protection to the goalie's neck while playing.


Tuck the knots of the laces in after you tie the neck guard to the helmet. This will keep the knots from being visible when you put the mask on, which could impair your vision when playing.


Don't use string that is easily cut, ripped or comes untied easily to tie on the Itech neck guard. If you do, you risk the neck guard coming unfastened during a game.