How to Measure the Length of Golf Clubs

Measuring the length of golf clubs can be beneficial if you are hoping to purchase customized golf clubs. You may also need to measure the clubs to ensure that they are regulation length for an upcoming tournament or event. It is important to know the proper way to measure the entire length of a golf club. Otherwise, your readings will be inaccurate. Getting incorrect measurements could cause you to use golf clubs that are not the right size for you.

  1. Obtain the proper measuring tool. You will need at least a 48-inch ruler/measuring stick/tape measure in order to measure the length of your golf clubs.

  1. Position the golf club.

  2. The face of the golf club should be laying flat on a flat surface so that the face is parallel to the ground. Then, place your hand on the top of the club to hold it steady.

  1. Place the measuring stick directly behind the golf club.

  2. The stick should make contact with the shaft of the club and be placed on the ground right at the heel of the golf club you are measuring. The numbers on the stick should be pointed toward you so you can easily obtain a reading.