How to Attach a Soccer Referee Badge


    Remove the protective covering on the badge holder to expose the sticky adhesive.

    Attach the desired referee badge to the badge holder adhesive. Ensure that the adhesive bonds with the badge fully as soccer referees are often called to work in adverse weather conditions and a lost badge can be difficult to find on a soccer field.

    Place the badge on the referee jersey and make sure that the Velcro bond is secure. All referee jerseys come with a standard Velcro disc over the left breast pocket where the badge should be attached.


  • If you are unable to find a badge holder designed for referee badges, you can use the mating side of adhesive Velcro that can be found in any home supply store. Simply cut the desired size and follow to same procedure.

Things Needed

  • Referee badge
  • Referee jersey
  • Badge holder

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