How to Bat Left-Handed

Historically, many cultures viewed left-handers as a handicap. Some even considered it a sign of evil. However, our modern society appreciates left-handers for their advantages, including creativity and intelligence. In baseball, a left-handed batter has some distinct advantages.

Grip the bat comfortably with the left hand on top, lining up your middle knuckles. Keep the muscles of your upper arms relaxed.

Find a comfortable stance. Keep your hands 5 to 7 inches from your torso, with the bat at a 45-degree angle. Hold your hands in front of your chest, wherever you find most comfortable.

Stand inside the batter's box to the right side of home plate. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. If you're facing a right-handed pitcher, the ball will come to the plate heading towards your body. A stance towards the back of the box can give you an advantage.

Swing the bat. Lean your weight onto your left leg and step into the swing with your right leg. Find a comfortable swing. Many left-handers find an upwards swing most comfortable.

Allow the handle of your bat to stop even with your right shoulder. Allow the barrel of the bat to continue around your back in your follow-through.