How to Become a Nike Elite Athlete

A Nike elite athlete is a person who recognizes their weaknesses and improves them to perform at a top skill level in their sport. They create an exercise program with the assistance of the most sophisticated training machine ever developed...the body. Specialty-designed exercises will help challenge your body to gain the skills of using your body weight as an optimal resistance force. This will help you build strength and increase flexibility without the aid of a weight machine.

Understand the biomechanics of running. From recreational gym athletes to the very elite level, they all view running as a very competitive sport. All high-level runners require their body to absorb continuous repeated movements that will ultimately result in running-related injuries. A Nike elite athlete requires weekly biomechanic treatments (pinpointing specific patterns within movement that may cause injuries) to keep their body injury-free all season.

Stretch. Prior to a training session or a competition, stretching should always be incorporated into the warm-up. This is an effective way of reducing muscle stiffness and increasing the range of motion during competition. A stability ball helps develop strength and core stability within the body.

Practice core fusion. A Pilates transformational fitness program, core fusion allows you to exercise from the inside out of your body. You develop the disciplines from core conditioning, Pilates and yoga to produce long, lean muscles and a youthful, flexible body. An elite athlete will challenge himself with a blend of postures, progressions, and approaches that are added to his exercising program.

Understand the psychology of unlocking your potential. A Nike elite athlete develops a system of mental conditioning to improve performance in game competition. Some sports psychologist feel an elite athlete separates himself from competitors by capturing a "championship" mindset that drives him to victory. Others suggest that an elite athlete will develop an inner vision for success.

Know basic nutrition. An elite athlete will spend the majority of time working with a nutritionist on finding the right quantity and quality of food intake in order to maintain performance levels. Nutrients eaten at certain times of the day can contribute to muscle repair and recovery. Feeding the body with the right nutrients after working out, will replenish lost energy in the body faster.

Practice meditation in motion. Learn simple ways to introduce positive visualization while meditating and this will assist you later on the field of play. The elite athlete focuses on how he should feel and act on the field rather than simple competing. You will pay attention to the condition of all of your muscles, and detect tightness developing on certain physical movements. Meditation will help create an awareness of the body's condition throughout the day.