How to Choose Between a Pom Squad and Cheerleading Squad

    Choose a cheerleading squad if you love cheer stunts. Cheerleaders often perform pyramid stunts and tosses as part of their routines. If you love the gymnastic stunting, consider cheering.

    Pick a pom squad if you love dancing. Pom squads, often called dance teams or drill teams, focus more on the dancing aspect rather than chants and stunts. If you love jazz and modern dance, consider the pom squad.

    Become a cheerleader if you want to showcase your intense school spirit. Cheerleaders get crowds involved, chant to the team players and often dance and cheer with the school mascot.

    Practice moving around the court while dancing and decide to go with the pom squad if you prefer using the whole court at halftime rather than the sideline during the whole game. Cheering involves making the most out of staying in one general spot while dancing involves running around the field.

    Work on flexibility if you're a member of either the cheerleading or drill team squad. The dance team often requires more extension--high kicks, leaps and splits. Cheerleading often requires more tumbling skills--pyramids, hand springs and back flips.


  • Try both to decide which you like more. If you can only choose one, pick the one you think you'd be better at and remember you can always switch next season.

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