Bestway Steel Frame Pool Instructions

view of a swimming pool in the backyard of a house

Bestway produces a range of above ground pools, including round, rectangular and octagonal steel frame models. The frame supports an inner lining that holds the water and can be accessed by a ladder. The exact procedure for assembling the frame will vary depending on the shape and model, and you should consult your manual for instructions. There are, however, similar set-up instructions for each type of pool.

Pool Assembly

Choose a flat, level area with at least 4 feet of clear space to each side. Ensure there are no power lines overhead and that the ground underneath does not contain utility pipes or cables.

Clear the ground of any stones and other objects.

Spread the pool lining out with the drain valve near the area where you plan to drain the water. Leave for one hour to allow the lining to soften.

Assemble the steel frame according to the appropriate manual. The exact method for this will vary depending on the model and shape of your pool, but the general instructions are common for each. See steps below.

Slide the top rails into the pool lining's pole sleeves. Connect each straight rail to the next with a "C-connector." This is a curved piece that slots into the straight top rails. A rectangular model will have four "C-connectors" and four straight rails while an octagonal model will have eight of each.

Insert the "U-supports" through the pole support slots at the bottom of the pool. Insert the two ends of each "U-support" into the holes on the underside of the top rails. Push them in until the spring-loaded pins lock into position. The amount of "U-supports" needed will vary depending on the shape and model of the pool. Repeat the procedure for each "U-support."

Pull the bottom of one "U-support" outward, away from the center of the pool lining. Repeat for each remaining "U-support." The frame should assume its desired shape and the lining should become taut.

Ensure drain valve is fully closed.

Filling the Pool with Water

Use a hose to put one or two inches of water in the pool so it covers the bottom. Smooth out any wrinkles in the material. Fill the pool to the level of the drain valve then turn the water off.

Check that the pool is level by looking to see whether water gathers on any one side. If the pool is not level, the water must be drained, the pool disassembled and the ground leveled before reassembly.

Fill the pool to the lowest pump valve then turn the water off. Check that the pump valves are securely fitted. Fill to the bottom rail of the pool. The sides should be firm and smooth. Check for leaks at all the seams and valves.

Add any sterilizing chemicals you intend to use. Ensure that you carefully follow any instructions and wait for the recommended time before using the pool.


If you are using optional equipment such as a filter pump, position it near to the outdoor power source.


Never leave children unattended by the pool. Never overfill the pool.