Brake Caliper Torque Specifications

Brake Cailper Mounting Bolt

    The bolt that holds your brakes onto the bike frame is called the brake caliper mounting bolt. The torque applied to this bolt for most bikes is 69 to 87 inch-pounds. On Campagnolo road bikes, this torque is 89 inch-pounds.

Brake Cable Fixing Bolt

    This bolt attaches the brake cable to your brake calipers. The torque applied to this bolt for most bikes is 52 to 69 inch-pounds. Campagnolo fixing bolts require only 44 inch-pounds of torque.

Brake Pad Mounting Bolt

    The brake pads are held onto the brake calipers by the brake pad mounting bolt. Most bikes require a torque of 43 to 61 inch-pounds to secure this bolt. Campagnolo bikes take 68 inch-pounds on this bolt.

Brake Lever Clamp Bolt

    The bolt under the hoods of your brake levers that attaches the levers to your handlebar is the brake lever clamp bolt. This bolt requires 52 to 69 inch-pounds for most brake levers, including those with integrated shift levers. Campagnolo brake levers take 71 inch-pounds or torque, and Mavic Mektronik levers need 62 to 80 inch-pounds.

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